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Chakad Innovation Studio

Developer of digital sales and branding for businesses and startups

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Visual Identity

A unique visual identity can make a business last in the audience’s mind. We will help you to create a different digital identity for your business…

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Instagram Marketing

Increase your business growth by managing social media. We help you transform your business by using the latest effective methods of Instagram marketing…

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Business strategy and branding services

Businesses need a strategy to be able to continue to grow and develop. The right strategy will lead to the creation of a strong brand. Use a variety of consulting services in Chekad to build a different brand

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Video marketing

It is one of the most important ways to attract the audience. Making professional teasers or a motion graphic that uses storytelling can show your customers the advantages of your business over other competitors.

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Web Design

We need a website to have a strong online presence and create a digital brand. A site that can be a good representative of a business and provide many services of that business to customers online

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From the depths of the ocean…

Chakad Digital Innovation Studio is made up of business strategy specialists and young people with technology and technology skills who help businesses to map out all the necessary steps to use technology in a roadmap and implement it in the organization. Customers often ask us to redefine their brand story and enhance the image that has formed in the minds of their customers. They want to increase their sales share in the digital market

Chakad specializes in strategy development, producing a variety of content including graphic, video, podcast and text. The most important platform for publishing Instagram and site content for the country is that we offer you a complete package of Instagram and site management. We design a visual identity for you, we build a site or an application, but we do not get caught up in the technology fever and offer you the tools of innovation step by step according to the resources and growth of your business.

Deep Seekers

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If you are a manufacturing, trading or service provider, put on your diving suits and book an appointment with us in Chakad to explore the digital market!

Treasures discovered from the depths of the ocean

Reviewing the portfolio done by Chakad Studio is an opportunity to evaluate and make better decisions.


Generate video content

Mikataps Industrial Group

Catalog Design


Logo design

Mr Oman

Logo design and visual identity


Social Networks

Orash Software Group

Generate Video Content

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Every business needs a special way and strategy to enter and penetrate the digital world, in order to reach more customers and high popularity. Developing a content strategy is the point of difference of Chakad

Chakad Studio consists of several content production departments and so far has provided most of its staff with the output of the Rekad collection. These graduates have a good emotional relationship with the Rekad brand as the first collection that has introduced them to the world of business and startups, and they tend to work seriously in the Chakad collection. You can also take the first step by filling out the form at the link below to attend this gathering.

1. People who are a brand or want to grow their brand staff.

2. Commercial companies and product owners who want to better introduce it.

3. Startups and manufacturers of products or services that must be introduced to the world correctly and differently.

4. Industrial, medical, agricultural, etc. manufacturers to develop the marketing and brand of their organization

5. Doctors, lawyers, engineers, consultants, university professors, political figures and government and public office holders

6. Educational complexes including universities, schools, colleges, research complexes to develop branding and attract their ideal audience.

7. Guilds and stores to optimally introduce their products and services to competent customers.

Uniqueness in advertising is a necessity. More than 51% of people who do a lot of searching on their mobile phone have discovered a new company or new product through these searches. 72% of marketers believe that a good content strategy is the key to their success

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Deep stories will help you gain more information and insight as you explore the mysteries of the ocean.

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